Looking for a Dillon Kane Group business?

Look for the classic Dillon Kane imprint– agile development teams driving breakthrough technologies and monetizing them working with savvy business leaders.

That’s when you know you’ve found the Dillon Kane signature.

Our broad portfolio of companies and businesses* includes IT automation, digital insurance, integrated communications, aviation technology, healthcare systems, and enterprise-class incident response, as well as several (in process) partnership businesses and incubated technologies that are poised for prime time.


The Innovation and Engineering Engine at the heart of Dillon Kane’s technology practice – world-class specialists and DKGx™ extreme coders developing and monetizing breakthrough solutions in Cloud, IoT, AI, and other disruptive technologies.  stagrp.com


The world’s most comprehensive easy-to-use workload automation solution, leveraged by 500+ enterprises worldwide to help optimize the performance and business value of their mission-critical IT.  tidalautomation.com


The first and only mission-critical communications platform that seamlessly links mobile, radio, and enterprise telephony in a single integrated environment.  instantconnectnow.com


The first FAA-validated Runway Condition Code (RCC) service using real-time data from landing aircraft – along with surface-contaminant sensors – to transform how airports and airlines measure, report, and act upon runway conditions.  aviationsafetytechnologies.com

All-digital STEP Xperience™ new business acceleration platform for insurers that’s transforming the insurance experience for all key stakeholders – agents, policyholders, marketers, underwriters, and IT teams.  stepsolutions.com


A video-rich, highly-interactive healthcare communications suite that’s enhancing the delivery of care across the care continuum, optimizing the value of care for patients and clinical teams – independent of clinical specialty or venue of care.  extendedcaresolutions.com


A new breed of incident response platform, offering a secure digital environment designed to help organizations orchestrate a coordinated, consensus-driven, authoritative response in the event of cyber attacks or other security-related incidents.  conuity.com


*  “Dillon Kane Group” refers to a group of portfolio businesses affiliated by common ownership and/or intergroup businesses relationships. A Dillon Kane Group portfolio business takes the form of either a separate group business entity or a business unit within a group business entity.