Software Lift-Outs

DKG's strategic lift-outs offer a unique opportunity for growth.

DKG Lift-Outs

DKG: The Lift-Out Experts

At DKG, our success is fueled by a unique team of subject matter experts who encompass both engineering and business operations. This leadership team offers the ideal multi-disciplinary skill set for acquiring, revitalizing, and optimizing software assets that have – or might – become “orphaned” within a corporate entity. These assets are commonly referred to as a “lift-out.”

What is a Lift-Out?

Lift-Outs are about turning good software assets into great software businesses. The Dillon Kane Group acts as a value investor in software assets that may be underperforming or at risk, but have the potential for rapid turnaround when acquired – “lifted out” of the corporate parent – and revitalized. These assets are often orphaned within the larger corporate entity and are generally characterized by a number of factors, including:

How Do We Do It?

The Dillon Kane Group Lift-Out Lifecycle™ offers a proven, rigorous, and repeatable methodology to optimize the lift-out process. The Lifecycle offers a cohesive, standardized approach – a series of proven Best Practices – for evaluating, lifting out, revitalizing, and expanding software assets as rehabilitated businesses. These best practices can be applied to virtually any lift-out opportunity. The payoff? Smarter and faster execution of the lift-out, driving enviable results and healthier financials.

The DKG Lift-Out Lifecycle™

Mitigating risk and maximizing upside. Exceptional returns can be achieved when the right lift-outs are executed correctly. The Lifecycle’s precise methodology helps transition de-valued software assets from corporate parents so they can be re-engineered into a high-growth business without creating unnecessary risk to the owner’s sales, customers, or brand. This offers upside for owners seeking a soft landing for assets that no longer fit their strategic plans.

Our 5-Step Lifecycle

The Lifecycle offers a flexible approach to each unique lift-out, access to a deep management team experienced in the process, and relentless strategic focus on the big picture. It consists of five cohesive, interrelated steps that take the lifted-out asset from transition to revitalization to expansion.

DKG Life-Cycle

How Does De-valuation of an Asset Occur?

It’s not uncommon to see under-utilized or “orphaned” software assets sitting inside large corporations – assets that have become de-valued and no longer serve the mission or needs of the company.
4 Most Common Reasons

EOL vs. Lift-Out

Once the decision has been made to dispose of a software business, there are a variety of exit options, each with a distinct set of implications depending on which road you take. Do you end-of-life (EOL) the asset for a hard landing, or do you work with DKG on a lift-out strategy delivering a soft landing?
Hard or Soft Landing?

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