Opportunity Unleashed

We turn great software into great business.

How We Do It

PTT Communications

Instant Connect is the world’s first mission-critical communications platform seamlessly linking mobile, radio, and enterprise telephony in a single integrated environment.

Healthcare Solutions

ExtendedCare Solutions offers a healthcare communications suite that’s enhancing the delivery of care across the entire care continuum.


Logistics, manufacturing, and other leaders are leveraging IoT to optimize operations and inventory.

Who is DKG?

The Dillon Kane Group (DKG) is a privately-held group of affiliated companies that builds and revitalizes technology solution businesses. Our group focuses primarily on software asset initiatives, building software businesses with our own capital and select outside investors. We use a long-term investment horizon that drives value for all key stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and investors.
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We See Opportunity Where Others Do Not

DKG often acts as a value investor in software assets that may be "orphaned" within a corporate entity, but have the potential for rapid turnaround and growth. We lift-out these assets from their corporate parents, revitalize them, and optimize their growth trajectory.
DKG Lift-Outs

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