Technology Unleashed

The Dillon Kane Group (DKG) is a privately-held entrepreneurial firm that invests in, builds, and revitalizes technology solution businesses.

We focus primarily on software asset revitalization initiatives and lift-outs, buying and building businesses with our own capital and select outside investors.

We use a long-term investment horizon.

Dillon Kane turns good software assets into Great Software Businesses.

Dillon Kane acts as a value investor in software assets that may be underperforming or at risk, but have the potential for rapid turnaround. These assets are often “orphaned” within larger corporate entities and are generally characterized by a number of factors, including:

  • The software asset no longer fits within the owner’s strategic vision, so the asset has lost management focus and investment priority.
  • Growth, revenue, or profitability concerns may be forcing the owner to shut down, phase out, or dispose of the asset. This raises concerns about financial, legal, and brand liability for the owner or parent company.
  • The asset may be integrated or connected to products, solutions, and services that need to be maintained within the corporate owner’s business, raising concerns about how the end-of-life or disposal of the asset will impact sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Once the software asset is lifted-out from its corporate parent, it can be revitalized and re-engineered as a high-growth business.

A One-Of-A-Kind Firm.

The Dillon Kane organization has assembled the ideal blend of multi-disciplinary skill sets and process management expertise to acquire and revitalize software assets that unlock new value for investors, corporate clients, and enterprise customers.

Our management team combines high-quality engineering and precision operations with deep expertise in strategy, finance, operations, marketing, channel management, and go-to-market. This is the ideal executive team for acquiring, revitalizing, repositioning, and optimizing software assets that have traditionally been underperforming.

Dillon Kane’s proven lift-out process allows the asset to be seamlessly transitioned from its corporate parent so it can be re-engineered into a high-growth business without creating unnecessary risk to the owner’s sales, customers, or brand.

Our portfolio – and results – speak for themselves.

Recent Dillon Kane Lift-Outs

Tidal Workload Automation

More than 500 enterprises today are leveraging the world's most comprehensive easy-to-use workload automation solution to orchestrate, automate, and optimize their mission-critical business workloads.

Instant Connect

The world's first and only secure communications platform that seamlessly links mobile devices, IP phones, and radio handsets in a single environment. So your mobile teams and dispatchers can instantly communicate on any device, anywhere.


Better care delivery across the entire care continuum. A proven telehealth and patient engagement suite that transforms the care journey for all key stakeholders - patients, clinicians, family caregivers, and health systems.