Dillon Kane Group

Founded in 2001, the Dillon Kane Group (DKG) works with clients and partners on business opportunities fueled by technology acceleration and commercialization.  We seek areas of technology, marketplace, and business model disruption where opportunities for monetization and market success are prominent – then we execute with managerial precision and bottom-line results.

DKG’s broad portfolio of companies and businesses encompasses insurance, aviation, financial services, healthcare, food service, IT automation, and other industries where disruption breeds opportunity.

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Tidal Workload Automation

Optimizing the value of your enterprise IT. Tidal offers next-generation performance in workload automation, automating and orchestrating the complex web of interactions between your applications, data, and other systems.


Transforming the delivery and value of care. ExtendedCare's video-rich telehealth and patient experience solutions provide a whole new experience for patients, care teams, family caregivers, and healthcare administrators. See for yourself.