About the Dillon Kane Group

The Dillon Kane Group (DKG) is a privately-held group of affiliated companies that seeks to create long-term value for the customers we serve, the businesses we run, the communities in which we work, and the investors with whom we partner.

Our Past and Present

The group was founded in 2001 by David Dillon and Don Kane to serve Fortune 500 companies with cutting-edge technology services and solutions. In 2010, DKG added Tom Reedy as a third managing partner. Today, we boast an elite team of technologies and SMEs managing a robust portfolio of companies and businesses across a broad spectrum of industry segments – financial services, healthcare, insurance, automation, infrastructure, IoT, analytics, and more.

Always looking ahead. DKG seeks opportunities across a range of emerging software businesses – and then invests in those opportunities to create competitive advantage and commercial success. We work both independently and with select partners, investors, and clients.

Deep Expertise in Incubation, Innovation & Acceleration

The Dillon Kane Group has been collaborating with large corporations since 2001, affording them access as a preferred partner in the incubation, innovation, and acceleration of business technology solutions.

18+ years of helping businesses meet their technology objectives

One example of DKG’s innovative approach is the “lift out” of orphaned assets, working with corporate entities to help them deal with software assets that are no longer strategic to the enterprise .  Extracting (lifting out) one of these software assets embedded within a corporation is a complex technological, operational, accounting, and legal exercise. It requires a unique blend of business and technological expertise. Barriers can include a lack of technological resources exacerbated by a lack of skill sets in finance, operations, distribution, and channel development.

DKG has demonstrated proven leadership in handling these challenges. Our quest for innovation is blended with hands-on expertise in finance, operations, marketing, channels, and GTM strategies. These multi-disciplinary skills – combined with the group’s shared resources model – create the ideal foundation for planning, executing, and optimizing a successful lift-out. Nothing replaces best practices crafted from experience.

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Our roots are in Chicago, but our businesses touch the world.

What is the Dillon Kane Group?

“Dillon Kane Group” (DKG) refers to a group of portfolio businesses affiliated by common ownership and/or intergroup businesses relationships. A Dillon Kane Group portfolio business takes the form of either a separate group business entity or a business unit within a group business entity.

Please note: Dillon Kane Group LLC is a DKG affiliated business specializing in strategic consulting and relationship-building. References to DKG in this website do not refer to Dillon Kane Group LLC.