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Telehealth: An Important Response to COVID-19

ExtendedCare - TelehealthIn response to COVID-19, ExtendedCare Solutions is now offering an accelerated Fast-Track Telehealth Program designed to help you provide your patients with the highest levels of care while protecting your clinicians from any unnecessary risks or exposure to the corona virus. Whether it’s patient-to-provider, provider-to-provider, or multi-party video encompassing friends and family – this is easy-to-use telehealth that keeps everyone safely connected while providing the care that’s needed.

ExtendedCare Cloud Telehealth is our best-in-class telehealth solution integrated with Cisco Webex. Healthcare providers, patients, and family caregivers can now leverage cloud-based telehealth faster than ever. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sign up for Cisco Webex and ExtendedCare Cloud Telehealth today
  2. Go live with Webex within days.
  3. Go live with initial ExtendedCare Cloud Telehealth in less than 2 weeks.​
Fast-track Your Telehealth