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Instant Connect Company LogoWhat Mission-Critical Communications Are Meant to Be

Instant Connect is the world’s first and only secure communications platform that seamlessly links mobile, enterprise telephony, and radio in a single, device-independent environment. Mobile devices. IP phones in the office. Push-to-talk handsets. Now everyone can communicate over the same network, regardless of which devices they’re using.

Workforces across the globe are using Instant Connect to tear down silos and embrace a new level of connectivity that links radio with mobile and enterprise telephony. They’re augmenting their radio networks – getting more out of their existing investments – with new communications capabilities that turn mobile and desktop IP devices into full-featured push-to-talk (PTT) devices.

Use whatever communications devices you want – smart phones, tablets, radios, laptops, office phones, desktop PCs.

In whatever combination you prefer. 

All within a single integrated environment that unleashes a new era of situational awareness and mission-critical communications.

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