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Tidal Workload Automation

Tidal The Tidal Journey

As a long-time trusted partner of Cisco, the Dillon Kane Group purchased the Cisco Workload Automation software business (previously known as Tidal) from Cisco in November, 2017. It was a well-regarded enterprise-class workload automation tool with an excellent customer community – and an enviable legacy of technological leadership – but the software no longer fit Cisco’s strategic plans.

The transaction was conducted as a software “lift-out” where we purchased and lifted-out all software assets (code, etc.) from the Cisco corporate parent. We renamed it Tidal Workload Automation – going back to “Tidal” and its renowned roots in automation – and established it as an independent, standalone business within the Dillon Kane Group portfolio.

The Results

DKG has poured game-changing resources and investment into the Tidal software business, leveraging our unique mix of business, technology, and financial expertise to propel Tidal to the next level in automation performance. The results speak for themselves.

Tidal is now rapidly being recognized as the world’s leading enterprise-class workload automation platform for hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

Pratt & Whitney

Quote StartWe're glad to see the user group is back, and must say we have been impressed with what the Dillon Kane Group has been doing since buying Tidal from Cisco. It’s a breath of fresh air.Quote End

Pratt & Whitney


The business has seen strong growth in customers, revenue, and market presence since November 2017. This is due to a cascade of achievements executed by the DKG team:

This is the ultimate soft landing for customers, employees, and Cisco. Contact us to learn more about Tidal.

EMA Quote

Quote Start(DKG) plans to step up Tidal R&D and focus on customer-driven enhancements and automation features to support the business process digitalization wave. EMA believes this is the right approach and the right time... (DKG) has the experience, the resources, and the strategic focus to make a significant impact.Quote End

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Research Report: EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation, Q4 2017