Tom Reedy

Tom Reedy

Senior Managing Partner

Tom is Senior Managing Partner of the Dillon Kane Group.

Tom has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience building, guiding, and optimizing businesses at the intersection of finance, technology, and strategy.  His management expertise spans business creation and acquisition, enterprise technology, operations, capital markets, investment banking, and executive consulting.

Tom is renowned for building and managing balanced portfolios of diverse technology-based businesses to create long-term value for shareholders, partners, and customers. He has created equity funds, launched multiple software entities, and cultivated a network of business partnerships that connect talent to opportunity.

Prior to joining Dillon Kane, Tom served in various executive positions, including Senior Executive Vice President at EVEREN Securities, the tenth largest U.S. brokerage firm, where he had responsibility for all Capital Markets activities. Tom also served as CEO & Chairman of iTRACS Corporation, a market-leading infrastructure technology company acquired by CommScope under Tom’s leadership.