Dr. Zoltan Rado

Dr. Zoltan Rado

Managing Director, Applied Research

Dr. Zoltan Rado’s applied research initiatives include dynamic frictional characteristics, road surface characteristics, automotive-aviation safety, dynamic vehicle modeling and simulation, and finite element analysis, among others.

Zoltan’s expertise spans real-time prediction of aircraft landing dynamics, braking friction and stopping distance from flight data recorder information; winter runway friction measurement research (sponsored by NASA, FAA, Transport Canada, EU); investigation of the braking and frictional behavior of a several different aircraft types involved in runway overrun accidents (Norway, USA, Canada, Japan).

Zoltan has worked with different organizations on aircraft braking and aircraft friction modeling and analysis (NASA, NTSB, JAA); a multiphase project to research, define and develop the next-generation highway maintenance vehicle (sponsored by Iowa DOT, Minnesota DOT and Michigan DOT); and the development of one-of-a-kind variable slip friction measurement research equipment.

Zoltan is the director of the Vehicle Surface Interaction Research Center and the Crash Safety Research Center at the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute. He serves on various research boards.