David Dillon

David Dillon

David has more than 20 years of experience in the application of advanced technology concepts and solutions for the financial services industry. As the CIO at CRT (a leading Chicago-based derivatives firm sold to Nations Bank), David led a global technology organization that built and supported real-time pricing, trade execution, and risk management capabilities that were instrumental in CRT’s success and ultimate sale. At Nations Bank and then Bank of America, David was a leader in the Global Corporate and Investment Bank in finding innovative technology solutions for complex corporate banking problems. David then ran the New Ventures Group for Citadel Investment Group in Chicago before forming the Dillon Kane Group in 2001.

David’s work in Dillon Kane Group includes:

  • Identifying, sourcing and communicating with clients about innovative technology solutions to complex insurance and financial services problems
  • Providing independent industry expertise to advise on the merits of various technology solutions without any financial stake in the result
  • Advising clients on various process and organizational issues to help them optimize relationships, capabilities and results produced by the Business/IT partnership
  • Conducting due diligence for clients on various technical considerations within potential partnerships or M & A candidates

Don Kane

Don Kane

Don provides unique insight into the financial services industry and capital markets, with over 20 years experience in investment banking, venture capital and entrepreneurial endeavors. Don was a Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs & Co from 1985 to 1999. During his 14 year career, Don helped build the firm’s Midwest Financial Institutions Investment Banking practice and founded its Financial Institutions Technology Group. Don partnered with David Dillon to form the Dillon Kane Group in November, 2001.

Significant activities that Don focused on for DKG clients include:

  • Monitoring economic and capital markets trends to identify risks and opportunities for DKG clients.
  • Tracking emerging financial services business models and strategies in sectors that are relevant to our clients.
  • Helping to identify and build customized networks of academics, business leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs focused on areas of interest to clients.
  • Sourcing and advising our clients on new business partnerships or alliances to accelerate a business strategy.
  • Providing input for a strategic conversation regarding financial, valuation and risk implications of alternative plans.

Tom Cumbo

Tom Cumbo

Tom brings more than 20 years of management and technical consulting experience to Dillon Kane Group. With Deloitte Consulting, Tom managed systems development and integration engagements with large financial exchanges and a wide range of other companies and industries. In his 6 years as a principal with the Boston Consulting Group, Tom focused on strategic IT issues for clients, including IT portfolio management and alignment, value management, organizational redesign, mergers and acquisitions, and enterprise architectural alternatives.

Tom’s focus for DKG includes:

  • Developing and communicating frameworks that capture and simplify decisions in complex situations and environments
  • Helping business and technology leaders understand, align and communicate from their distinct points of view
  • Developing paths for facilitating and accelerating change for large enterprises
  • Finding, assessing, acquiring, and managing the specifically skilled talent DKG provides for affiliated companies, as well as clients
  • Bringing a consultative level of rigor, approach, and attention to scope and timing for DKG clients.

tom-reedy-dgk-web-144Thomas Reedy

Thomas Reedy is Senior Managing Director of Dillon Kane Group LLC. With over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience in financial services and technology, Tom’s leadership empowers professionals within organizations to act as a stimulus for growth strategies. Prior to joining Dillon Kane Group, Tom served as CEO & Chairman of iTRACS Corporation, a market leading infrastructure technology company. Prior to iTRACS, Tom spent over twenty years in the investment business. During this period, Tom served as Senior Executive Vice President at EVEREN Securities, the tenth largest U.S. brokerage firm, where he had responsibility for all Capital Markets activities. Tom has earned a reputation for establishing and tapping into networks reflecting a rich diversity of business, technical and entrepreneurial IQ to nurture disruptive and breakthrough innovations, speed time to market, and improve organizational outcomes. Tom’s market reputation reflects a commitment to creating long-term shareholder value, leveraging balanced portfolios of growth initiatives, and maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency.

A committed community leader, Tom’s public service includes a Presidential appointment (1997 – President William J. Clinton) to the Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars. Shortly after, Tom was appointed Chairman of The Center’s Investment Policy Committee. During Tom’s six year term as Chairman, he orchestrated comprehensive change in investment policy and focus of the Center’s endowment funds.

Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Illinois State University, and an MBA in finance from the University of Michigan. He is a certified public accountant, certified managerial accountant, and has multiple securities industry accreditations.

steve meador

Steve Meador

Steve brings more than 25 years of practical technology management and and technology strategy experience to Dillon Kane clients. He has a background that includes work in capital markets, P&C insurance, life & annuity insurance, healthcare insurance, real estate, retail & institutional banking and private equity. Steve has hands-on experience with a wide range of technology functions, including software development, technology operations, IT security, IT audit, network, telecom & datacenter administration, and enterprise architecture.

Within DKG Steve works with our clients to build high-performance technology organizations and develop innovative architectural and technology solutions. In 2006 he founded Noverus Partners, a successful IT strategy and leadership consultancy that helped companies improve business-IT alignment, leverage advanced technologies, and accelerate software delivery time-to-market.

Before that at Sapient Corp. Steve worked as a VP of Technology where he managed the Financial Services technology practice in the Midwest. During this time he developed an IT strategy methodology that incorporated business process-based analysis, technology architecture, and ‘run’ costs into a unified framework. Steve was formerly CIO at Citadel, a Chicago-based hedge fund, and has held senior technology leadership positions at UBS, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Salomon Brothers and Standard & Poor’s.

Within Dillon Kane Group Steve’s focuses include:

  • Working with DKG clients to resolve significant operational or technical challenges, including accelerating software delivery, remediating audit findings, streamlining project prioritization & decisioning, and improving infrastructure availability
  • Defining actionable technology strategies that support the needs of DKG client businesses
  • Assisting clients transform their IT operations and organizations with IT leadership development & recruiting, innovative sourcing solutions and improved operational and governance processes
  • Assessing technologies or technology-centered companies as potential acquisitions for DKG clients


Bob Petersen

Bob brings 25 years in technology and business consulting spanning strategy, solution development, implementation and ongoing execution. Bob has extensive experience in developing solutions for industries, clients and partners receptive to technology enablement at the intersection of complex business processes / models, technology, data and analytics. He has had success in developing multi-party relationships with business partners, clients and counterparties to align interests and enable strategic objectives.

As a Managing Director at Navigant Consulting and a Partner at Peterson Consulting (sold to Navigant), Bob led strategy and transformation of technology, process and operations for management of multi-billion dollar complex risks for a global portfolio of insurance, investor and corporate clientele. Bob also developed Business Intelligence solutions, proprietary databases and analytics to enhance risk management outcomes and enable risk transfer solutions.

Within DKG Bob focuses on:

  • Transformational opportunities spanning business process, technology, and business model
  • Digital strategy and associated business model innovation
  • Business and technology strategy and subsequent execution
  • Business startup, incubation and capital sourcing for portfolio companies and strategic partners
  • Intellectual property and technology asset creation for strategic partners
  • Technology and M&A advisory

todd-williamsTodd Williams

Todd brings over 30 years of executive-level management, operations, leadership and strategic experience in the professional services industry, with start-up, privately-held and publicly-traded companies.  Todd has extensive business, engineering and environmental consulting experience leading enterprise-wide business improvement initiatives, as well as developing value-added, client-service solutions for commercial, industrial, infrastructure, legal and financial clients across the US and internationally.  He has had success at developing innovative, organic growth-based strategies that incorporate exploring intellectual property commercialization and technology enabled service offerings, as well as identifying and closing strategic acquisitions to accelerate growth.

Within DKG, Todd focuses on:

  • Strategy development and deployment of transformational technology-enabled solution offerings for professional service firms
  • M&A advisory including pre-close due diligence and strategy assessment through post-close innovation and growth acceleration
  • Intellectual property and technology asset creation for strategic partners
  • Advisory on and development of streamed data, analytics, telematics and other engineering and science-based applications.
  • Digital strategy development and associated business model innovation and commercialization