A world-class technology practice, DKG is a trusted partner to some the largest and most complex corporations in the world.

Our portfolio features various “lift out” businesses from partners like Cisco, Milliman, Barclays, and Oracle, as well as countless strategic and technology partnerships with leading innovators worldwide.

Typically, partners look for Dillon Kane to take them where no one else can:

  • Revenue and growth opportunities generated by moments of disruption – disruptive technologies, business models, go-to-market strategies.
  • Innovative engineering models utilizing discrete, specialized DKGx™  extreme coder teams – some of the world’s craftiest coders.
  • Comprehensive commercialization models in which Dillon Kane’s multi-disciplinary expertise – blending technology, finance, business, and strategy – provides the partner with an important opportunity to monetize the initiative.

To explore partnership opportunities with Dillon Kane, please contact us here.