Software Revitalization

Exceptional Returns Can Be Achieved With the Right Lift-Outs

Dillon Kane has been collaborating with large corporations since 2001, affording them access as a preferred partner in the “lift out” of orphaned assets. Orphaned software assets or business units ripe to be lifted-out of their corporate parents are generally characterized by a number of factors, including:

  • Software asset no longer fits within the seller’s strategic vision, hence the asset has lost management focus and investment priority.
  • There may be a decision to phase out or End-of-Life the asset, raising concerns about financial, legal, and brand liability.
  • Technology debt on the asset has accumulated – including legacy architectures, performance issues, and/or feature gaps – due to some combination of budgetary constraints, lack of tech expertise, and lack of leadership focus.
  • BUT the asset is deployed by customers who are key to the seller’s core business, so the transition must be carefully handled with a SAFE LANDING to protect the customer base and safeguard the seller’s potential legal, financial, and brand exposure.

Dillon Kane Is a Proven Expert In Creating SAFE LANDINGS In Which Everyone Wins – Seller, Buyer, and Customer Community

A world-class technology practice, Dillon Kane is a trusted partner to some the largest and most complex corporations in the world.

Our portfolio includes various “lift out” businesses from partners like Cisco, Milliman, and Barclays, including Tidal Workload Automation, Instant Connect mission-critical communications, and the Conuity Incident Response platform.  These assets are now flourishing under Dillon Kane leadership.

The Dillon Kane Advantage: Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Extracting (lifting out) a software asset or business embedded within a corporation is a complex technological, operational, accounting, and legal exercise. It requires a unique blend of business and technological expertise. Barriers can include a lack of technological resources exacerbated by a lack of skill sets in finance, operations, distribution, and channel development.

The Dillon Kane organization is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of technology, finance, and business to handle these challenges. Our agile engineering prowess is blended with deep business expertise in finance, operations, marketing, channels, and GTM strategies.

This multi-disciplinary skill set – combined with Dillon Kane’s proven Shared Resources model – creates the ideal foundation for planning, executing, and optimizing a successful lift-out.

To learn more about lift-out strategies and execution, please reach out to our team. We look forward to connecting.