Advisory Services

The Dillon Kane Group has been a trusted advisor to Fortune 50 clients since 2001, a distinguished history of assisting clients in accelerating decisions and execution related to their most important business objectives.

This acceleration takes forms, including:

  • Targeting key business or systems opportunities for innovation or re-innovation, including “Rapid Ideation Sessions” with small, multi-disciplined teams of highly creative individuals.
  • Demystifying complex enterprise IT environments and their related challenges which need to be resolved to meet business objectives.
  • Building customized networks of vendors, industry experts, academics, venture capitalists, and managers to support a client’s management team.
  • Evaluating new technologies, approaches, vendors or organizational models to accelerate delivery of solutions for business and IT executives.
  • Structuring strategic partnerships, equity investments, outsourcing, or shared service arrangements.
  • Conducting complete market research and opportunity assessments with pro forma financial analysis.
  • Delivering high-impact marketing and related channel services that quantifiably move the needle on the brand and the business.

A Trusted Advisor

Acting as a “smart filter” and “execution advisor” for new ideas, Dillon Kane can help you accelerate decision-making and technology execution while assuring a thoughtful and effective result.

We’ve been honored to serve some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations, including Top 10 insurance, automobile, banking, technology, and retail companies.

Interested in accelerating your next technology initiative?

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