Our Firm

The Dillon Kane Group looks for opportunities in emerging technologies and underperforming software assets – and then leverages those opportunities for competitive advantage and commercial success. We work both independently and with select partners, investors, and clients.

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Opportunity In Action

  • Underperforming software assets that are “orphaned” within existing corporate entities that could become high-performing revenue engines when lifted out and revitalized under new leadership, disrupting conventional thinking and creating a win-win for everyone.
  • Hybrid technologies that combine existing IP from a partner and mix it with new IP from our own engineering wizards, creating a new value-add technology that takes an existing market by storm.
  • IoT, AI, or other cutting-edge solutions that are commercialized leveraging select partnerships and proven GTM strategies to create a beachhead for the next Uber.

What’s our next great moment of opportunistic disruption?

We look forward to finding out, Together.

Dillon Kane Engagement Strategies