Innovation is an overused and rarely achieved concept in corporate strategy. Implementing one meaningful idea is hard work and the larger and more mature the enterprise, the more difficult it becomes. Dillon Kane Group was established in 2001 to help financial institutions identify and implement a few good ideas. We are helping our clients realize the benefits of innovation. The founding principals and advisory partners have deep financial services industry insight with world class technology, investment banking, capital markets, management consulting and venture capital experience. These backgrounds provide a unique lens through which clients’ problems can be analyzed and solutions developed.

The Company’s value proposition includes being a change agent, monitoring the outside world for relevant new ideas, taking ownership of the execution, and leveraging the power of information technology. The Company has developed advisory, incubation and acceleration services to meet the needs of its clients. Today, Dillon Kane Group and its affiliated companies have over 290 professionals working with clients on a variety of complex business, operations and technology issues.

Dillon Kane Group identifies key business or systems opportunities to target for innovation by working with business units and enterprises to better align business strategy with operations and IT delivery. Acting¬†as a “smart filter” for new ideas, Dillon Kane Group assists clients in accelerating decisions and in execution related to the most important business objectives involved in leveraging a new idea. The goal is to reduce the time required to make a decision,¬†while still achieving a thoughtful and effective result.