Instant Connect

Founded in 2002

A Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

When communication is critical for your business and missions, YOU NEED INSTANT CONNECT.

By providing scalable and reliable communication interoperability, Instant Connect enhances the value of existing and new radio, telephony, and IP communications networks.

Bringing it all together: The Instant Connect solution simplifies operational communications by offering total Instant Connectivity for your entire team. Field users, first responders, work crews, managers, office personnel, and the C-suite – everyone can easily communicate using push-to-talk, phone calls, instant messaging and video using a single integrated communications environment.

Unprecedented Levels of Group Connectivity

  • Optimize safety and incident response
  • Enhance workforce collaboration and productivity
  • Execute smarter and faster for better outcomes
  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Leverage insightful decisions based on fact, not guesswork

Communications Barriers – Dissolved!

Instant Connect dissolves connectivity barriers and bridges unified communications IP Phones and other endpoints with disparate devices such as Wi-Fi/3G/LTE mobile phones, landline phones, land-mobile radios, and PCs, wherever they are located. Our solution complements and displaces Land-Mobile Radio (LMR) field and dispatch operations, providing improved responsiveness to events, incidents, and emergencies.

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