Through our broad portfolio of businesses and companies, the Dillon Kane Group touches the world in thousands of ways.

We’re changing how people live and work.


We touch 800+ enterprise businesses – and their countless customers and end-users – every day, from Wall Street to Main Street and everywhere in between.


Dillon Kane has been helping clients accelerate innovation, time-to-market, and commercialization for more than 17 years.


Our developers, technologists, subject matter experts, and strategists are more than 200 strong.


We are Trusted Advisors to the Fortune 50. For example, our technology and business engagements are helping to drive growth and market leadership for Top 10 corporations in insurance, automobile, banking, technology, and retail.


Tidal Workload Automation is the very definition of mission-critical for 600+ enterprises around the world, including leaders in financial services, retail, manufacturing, insurance, IT, media, distribution, and more.